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The Portlandia Experience - el gaucho

Being a Texas native, I really wanted to try out this quaint establishment. I looked at the menu, and made it my mission to make a stop here while I was in Oregon. I also noticed that they had some great deals during their happy hour. The instant you walk in the door you are taken to another place, and you notice it.

Lighting is dim/romantic, and the service is next level. Not to mention, the food is phenomenal. During happy hour I was able to get a 6oz. top sirloin and fries for under $20 - quite a deal if you ask me. It has to be one of the best steaks I've had in my life. Every bite was a treat, and the house cut fries were rather flavorful as well. I will definitely be back for another happy hour in the not too distant future. The el gaucho that I visited is located at 319 SW Broadway Portland, OR 97205. They have several other locations, and if they hold the same standards I'd highly recommend making the trip.

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