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The Portlandia Experience - EastBurn

The hanging wicker chairs say it all: EastBurn is a fun place to eat. From the brown butcher paper on the tables to the collection of beer taps located over the door to the cafe, you immediately feel like you've stumbled on the local corner pub. Don't let this casual atmosphere fool you, though. EastBurn has some delectable foodie delights waiting for you.

Your first sign that this is a restaurant that takes food seriously is the small menu printed on one sheet of paper affixed to a wood board. The dishes have more than a few components in common, and there's an obvious focus on local, fresh ingredients. (Gordon Ramsay would say this place is doing it right.) The other sign is the obvious pride the waitstaff show in the food they provide. After an interesting discussion on how the wild boar stroganoff couldn't be made lactose-intolerant friendly without sacrificing flavor, other alternatives were cheerfully given, including the daily special of gnocchi with bacon and organic rainbow chard. In fact, the menu contains many combinations of ingredients that make the mind stop and the saliva glands go into overtime. From the lobster mac and cheese to the tempura brie with apples, I've never so sorely regretted my body's war on cow milk.

In the end, my dining companion on this adventure and I decided to try the strongly-named ├╝bersundvich: a delectable stack consisting of a pork medallion, caramelized onion and potato pancake lovingly smothered in bourbon-apple chutney as well as scallion sour cream on a ciabatta bun. This mouth-watering combination was as mouth pleasing as the menu promised. The pork was tender, the potato pancake just soft enough to work in a sandwich, the apple chutney the perfect amount of sweetness to marry with the hearty ciabatta. This sandwich is serious business hiding in a small package. In fact, neither I nor the indomitable Dylan could finish our sandwiches nor the heaping pile of fries each was served with. Add in that they sell tallboys of Strongbow along with the ridiculously fine weather, and you have yourself the perfect evening meal in PDX. EastBurn can be found at 1800 E Burnside St. Portland, OR 97214

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