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Updated: Kehoe Wedding Booth

The video is up! I want to thank everyone for exercising some patience I believe you will be happy you waited. I now have a Beatles song stuck in my head from watching it so much, but that is a problem I am happy to have. Once again, congrats to the happy couple, and thanks again for allowing me to be part of your special day. I hope this video will allow you to better cherish it. If you are interested in all of the photos from the booth, please either message me, my Facebook Page, or the couple for the login information -- the photos are uploading as I write this.

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Thanks again to Mike and Sam for having me at your wedding; it was an incredible time and y'all have some amazing friends and family. As you can see by the cover photo the newlyweds could barely keep their hands off each other. They had their celebration at the Hoosier Grove Barn in Streamwood. My booth had a cozy little spot in their loft that actually was just about the perfect size. The theme was to be "Christmas-y" and I think we pulled it off quite well. Stay tuned for the video and the rest of the photos, and be sure to head over to my Facebook Page for more sneak peek photos.

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