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40 Years of Love

This Friday will make a month. A month since I got to take parts in one of the best celebrations of love I've seen to date; 40 years of love to be precise. I'm speaking of the anniversary of Tim and Deb McKenzie the surprise party their friends and family put on for them. Everyone looked lovely and even though I think the happy couple may of had an idea they were in for something, it didn't matter as when the door opened and everyone yelled surprise you could see the look of pure joy on both their faces. I'm glad I was able to catch that on video as it warms my heart to see a room filled with people who are all there as a result of their love, and not to mention the fact that the room wasn't filled with everyone's little rug-rats. I can't even imagine how grandiose that would be. So I just want to take a moment to again say congratulations to Tim & Deb and also a huge thanks to the entire McKenzie tribe for letting me feel like part of your family for the day. Now, what you have been waiting for, the video:

I also took the liberty of uploading all the booth photos (only about half made it into the video). If you would like access there is a Event Key and Password. Just email me, use my contact page, send me a message on FB, or email one of Tim and Deb's kids as I will pass it along to all of them as well.

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